About Us

Hope Fostered Was Founded in 2018

by Jason and Danica Geesaman with a goal of helping serve Foster kids and their support systems. Starting in Kansas, they now work in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Minnesota.

Meet The Team


Jason Geesaman

CEO/ Kansas, Nebraska, and Northern Missouri Director

Ron & Kasha Wollschlager

Minnesota Directors

Board Members

Bryan Parker

Board Member

Ryan Wheeler

Board Member

Steve Todd

Board Member

Support Staff

Linda Geesaman


Bradley Malmquist

Business Director

Emily Malmquist

Marketing Director

Danica Geesaman

Training/Events Director

Amie Jackson

Administrative Assistant

Overview of past accomplishments and current initiatives

2010 Accomplish Placeholder

2015 Accomplish Placeholder

2022 Accomplish Placeholder

2023 2010 Accomplish Placeholder